Vintage Hat Brushes Now Online

We now have a selection of our vintage hat brushes online, these date back to the early 1900’s and vary in style. A hat brush is a vital accessory for any hat lover and regular cleaning is required to keep a hat looking its best.

Felt hats should be brushed regularly to prevent dust and dirt from building up, and careful brushing can prolong its life. The bristles of a hat cleaning brush should match the tone of the hat so that you don’t see any hairs if the brush sheds. The best way to clean is to gently brush across the hat in the same direction as the nap, sometimes the addition of a little steam can aid cleaning of stubborn residues of dust but with steam always take care as less is more in this instance, too much can ruin the fabric and shape of a hat.

These brushes make an ideal gift or as an add on when buying a hat new or old, and you get the joy of owning a little bit of history as well.