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British Hat Designers Gamble & Gunn offer a range of bespoke quality head wear for men & women.

With keen attention to detail and commitment to high quality workmanship, Gamble & Gunn aim to create hats that you will want to wear now and always.
A Gamble & Gunn hat is part of your unique journey, it’s as full of character, energy and colour just as you are.

We believe the original energy and passion that was put into creating a classic hat doesn’t die; it only changes forms and owners. The dream doesn't die; it is passed on, sometimes from generation to generation. Coveted, eclectic & quintessentially British, inspired by craftsmanship, quality, the rare and unusual. Gamble & Gunn rekindle the glory of tradition using heritage hat patterns and blocks then introduce our unique style, harvesting the past to create highly individual styles.

If you need advice about sizing or would like to speak to us about any of our products please don't hesitate to get in touch either by phone or email we would be happy to help.

Gamble & Gunn


Flat Caps versus Newsboy Caps: Deciphering the Distinction

In the world of headwear, the flat cap and the newsboy cap are often mentioned interchangeably, leading to confusion about their distinct characteristics. While both caps share similarities in their design and historical roots, they also possess unique features that set them apart. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the differences between flat caps […]

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Fedora Flourish: Tailor Your Style with Our Exclusive Feather Collection

Fedoras have remained a fashion statement for decades, effortlessly infusing a sense of charm and sophistication into any ensemble. Elevate your fedora game with our diverse feather collection, offering an array of options to add that perfect touch of individuality to your hat and transform your fedora into a unique and stylish accessory. Vibrant Colors […]

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Pork Pie Hats Unveiled: Tracing Their Enduring Allure

The allure of the pork pie hat transcends mere fashion; it embodies a rich tapestry of history, culture, and style that has woven its way through the fabric of time. Originating in the mid-19th century in the United Kingdom, the pork pie hat has become a classic and iconic piece of headwear, leaving an indelible […]

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SHIPPING: We can ship worldwide no problem, when you place your order the shipping will be automatically calculated depending on delivery destination.
Standard Price is UK £2.99 Europe £7.99 Worldwide £9.99. This is per order price so you can buy several hats for the one shipping price.

Our returns procedure can be found in the link at the base of the page in Returns & Refund Policy

We have many different styles in stock, whether you want a Straw Summer hat, a smart 100% wool felt Fedora or a British made Tweed Flat Cloth Cap, we're sure we have what you're looking for.