Gamble & Gunn ‘Ramsden’ Classic 8 Panel Shetland Wool Tweed Grey Herringbone Button Top Cap


Our classic shape 8 panel button top cap made from the finest quality tweed supplied by Abraham Moon Ltd  established in 1837 renowned worldwide for its traditional values of quality and its innovative use of design and colour. This cap is made using fabric from Moon’s Shetland collection. The Shetland Sheep are the smallest of their species and are believed to have evolved from north European sheep brought to the island by the Vikings. Historically Shetland Wool is long stapled with some softer undercoat, with the coarser fibres of the topcoat lending themselves to intricate colour melanges. Today the term is used for tweeds similar to Harris Tweed but with a softer handle.

This beautiful grey herringbone is a versatile and comfortable addition to your wardrobe and is sure to become an everyday favourite. This carefully crafted cap is fully lined in black cotton and come in a wide range of sizes from a 53cm to a 65cm.