Our Vintage Boater Collection is Growing

By now it must be obvious that here at Gamble & Gunn we are massive boater fans. As the boater making traditions of the past are slowly fading we hope to keep them truly alive and kicking by research and exploration into the variety of techniques used in the manufacture of the famous British Boater hat to continue this tradition and create something really special, we are working hard behind the scenes to bring our ideas to life.

Collecting vintage boaters has become a bit of an obsession for us and we are now releasing some of our collection for sale, slowly adding hats as we catalogue them to our online store. We also keep a record of sold hats for reference in the vintage archive section online.

So head on over to have a look at some of the beautiful variety of styles of boater hats that we have to offer, each one a gem with a story of its own of a life or two lived already …ready for a new chapter to begin.