New Year, New Adventures

2023 has begun with a renewed energy and need for adventure and inspiration, so in this vain we took a visit to the wonderful Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, not far from us also known as RAMM

“An exquisite jewel box of a building; a Venetian casket. One of the most appealing treasures in Britain.”

Dan Cruickshank, architectural heritage consultant, writer and TV presenter. October 2006

Based in an incredibly beautiful victorian building, RAMM’s world-class collections and ambitious programming ensure that the museum is a place of discovery which encourages visitors to be curious.  RAMM cares for wonderful and diverse collections some of which were started in the 1860’s; consisting of over one million individual objects and specimens from all over the globe. They are divided into the following curatorial departments: antiquities, costume and textiles, decorative art, ethnography, fine art, natural sciences, numismatics and social history.

You can view some of the collections here

Here is an image of one of the wonderful displays in the African collection, some incredible hats from Nigeria along with a few other snaps from the collections, including a hat topped with a stuffed owl dating back to the 19th Century!

Thoroughly worth a visit and a great adventure for adults and kids alike!