Incredible Conformateaur

We are so excited to have this amazing conformateaur vintage hat measuring tool delivered to our workshop, originally used in a hat makers shop in Paris in the 1800’s.

Invented in France by Mr Allie- Mallard in 1852 it was the standard tool of milliners for over a century, despite looking like an instrument of torture the operation is very slick  The slats that make up the side of the device all conform to the head and as they move in or out they push corresponding pins upward.  These pins then puncture a sheet of paper placed in the top of the device, the perforations form an image much like a join the dots drawing, leaving an exact outline of the head.   The hat maker then has a permanent record of the shape of a customers head. Ideal for forming hard hats such as bowlers and top hats to the precise fit of a clients head.