Gamble & Gunn Feather Mounts – Collection of 8 (Pack B)


If you want to upgrade the look of your hat add a little colour or tone into an outfit, our millinery hat feathers will do just that.

We have two packs of 8 different feathers, each one crafted especially for Gamble & Gunn to compliment our range of felt fedoras and pork pie hats. Ideal as a gift or to add some spice to your hat collection.

They are easy to fit by simply sliding behind the ribbon trim of your hat, this enables you to change the look of your hat to match an outfit or just add a little colour, they can be glued or sewn to provide a more permanent fix if required.

Each carefully crafted set is made from natural feathers so colours and shapes may vary slightly. The sizes range from 11cm in length to 16cm.

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